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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Canon Megapixel Camera Rumors

It has been over a year since Canon officially retired their EOS-1Ds Mk III full frame camera. Their current EOS-5D Mk III camera holds the title as the highest pixel camera in the lineup. However, we know Canon has been working on a new megapixel camera of perhaps over 40MP and there have been reports of prototype sightings.

The word is Canon may announce 3 new APS-C DSLR cameras and 4 new EF and EF-S lenses this year. You can read my earlier post on this subject. Canon is behind Nikon on some major new products and the latter is expected to introduce the Nikon D4X camera with a 30+ megapixel sensor some time in the first half of the year, with delivery commencing later on in 2013. My own assessment is Canon may be experiencing engineering challenges and cannot afford to fall further behind Nikon in product announcements.

The EOS-5D Mk III is an excellent camera but it cannot sustain Canon in the megapixel race indefinitely. They need to introduce a replacement or a Mk IV model some time in 2014 and make up their mind on the megapixel camera sooner, rather than later, preferably in 2013, but most likely a 2014 model will be coming with a mid to late 2013 product development teaser announcement.

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