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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canon Patent For Additional Contacts On Lens

Egami, the Japanese photography blog, has discovered a new Canon patent involving a second row of electronic contacts on the lens mount. The patent suggests the second row of contacts is dedicated to the video signal, avoiding loss of signal strength could be the reason. Perhaps the video signal needs more power supply. You can read the original article in Japanese here. It is important to point out Canon files thousands of patents every year but few of them actually turn into a finished product eventually. They are mostly used to stake a claim and deny their competitors the opportunity to exploit the technology.

Patent Publication No. 2013-21391
  • 2013.1.31 Release Date
  • 2011.7.7 filing date

Canon Patent
  • In addition to the conventional first electronic contact, new second electronic contacts are added
  • Contact each other first and second non-overlapping corresponding to the new system
  • In addition to the video sync signal
  • In the serial clock, eliminating the need for transformation of the communication level
  • Focus of video requires a larger power supply

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