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Monday, February 25, 2013

Canon SpeedLite Custom Flash Diffusers

'Home made' custom flash diffuser for Canon SpeedLite 580EX II

Ever though of making your own flash diffuser? Now you can with 3D printing and make your own relatively simple plastic gear items such diffusers and other light modifiers. Eric Chu at MAKE recently observed a photo intern using a piece of paper as a cheap flash bounce. It gave him the inspiration of producing his own flash bouncer using 3D printers.

After doing some research into good shapes for flash diffusers, he turned to AutoDesk Inventer and had two designs printed out in 3D using corn-based plastic.

The first version, seen above, was a standard rectangular version that companies like Stofen sells for under $15. Next, he followed up with another triangular model that maximizes surface area for greater light diffusion.

Chu says that the 3D-printed diffusers have held up under daily use for over a month and work well. Photos taken with the diffusers appeared in MAKE.

He has made his designs freely available for download over at They are designed for the Canon SpeedLite 580EX II, but for those who are tech savvy, one should be able to modify them for other flash units as well.

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