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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Next Generation Canon EOS-M Camera

It is no secret that Canon's EOS-M mirrorless camera is less than a success so far and management is determined to amend their mistakes and make the EOS-M into a successful line in the near future.

Now there is rumor Canon may be introducing segmentation to the EOS-M line by introducing a higher end camera in addition to an entry level model, much like what they did with the current DSLR bodies but not to the same degree.

Rumored new higher end EOS-M camera specifications :

  • 24 MP APS-C Sensor ( Too much. 20 MP is enough )
  • New AF system ( sorely needed )
  • DIGIC 5 processor ( DIGIC IV is so yesterday )
  • Removable Electronic Viewfinder ( Definitely a viewfinder, perhaps high resolution )
  • 5 fps ( Most welcomed )
  • Slightly larger than the current EOS-M ( offers better grip for larger hands )
  • Comes with additional lenses, like primes and longer zooms
  • Price undetermined at this time.

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