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Sunday, February 24, 2013

FireFly Digital Sensor Cleaner

FireFly Digital Sensor Cleaner

One of the most annoying things about digital photography is dust on the sensor, causing spots on the photographs. Getting dust out of camera bodies, and especially off the sensors, can be a tricky process. It’s not that there are shortages of options out there, but most of them put your sensor and other sensitive parts of your camera at risk. Even the Giotto Rocket Air Blower has something left to be desired. Now comes the FireFly's digital sensor cleaner.

This high tech cleaner uses power from a nine volt battery to blow ionized air into your camera body. These ions will, in turn, neutralize any static charge that your camera may posses, allowing dust particles to fall away. In case you are concerned that the air itself may have particles in it, the FireFly cleaner also comes with a 20 micron filter attached to keep that from happening. There is an automatic shut off after 15 seconds, allowing you to use the cleaner with one hand.

So, if you are tired of removing dust particles using Photoshop, or have $130 to burn, you might consider buying the FireFly gadget. I am fortunate enough to live within driving distance from the Canon Factory Service Center and receive free sensor cleaning from them. Thanks Canon.

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