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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Couple Finds And Returns Expensive Camera And Cash

The impeccably honest Mr. and Mrs. Landeros

On Valentine's Day, Barbara and Carlos Landeros were visiting a vista point near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and discovered a black camera bag with no apparent owner. They waited for someone to return and when no one showed up, they looked inside and found a wallet with Chinese currency, credit cards, an 'expensive-looking' camera and lens, plus about $11,000 in cash.

The couple waited longer for the owner to show up before turning the bag into the police station in downtown San Francisco. A few days later, the Landeros learned that the police had located the owner of the bag by using information found on an airline ticket inside. The rightful owner is a college student who was visiting San Francisco with his extended family. The grateful owner thanked the Landeros and offered to be their tour guide if they ever visit China in the future.

The Vallejo Times Herald quoted San Francisco Police Department spokeswoman Albie Esparza as saying, 'It is just really good to know that people nowadays still have the integrity to do the right thing and turn in something that is not theirs.'

I have a similar incident a few weeks ago when I was in the San Diego Zoo photographing the baby Panda. My equipment bag was beginning to get heavy so I put it down on a bench and walked off with the EOS-1D X and another lens I was using, leaving the bag behind without much thought. Inside was a Canon EOS-1D Mk IV camera and the EF 400mm f/4 DO IS lens plus some other gear. About 10 minutes later, my companion asked about my equipment bag and it dawned on me I left it sitting on the bench! I ran back and found the bag still there but I hate to think what would happen if someone came upon it first.

It is very heart warming to hear stories about the Landeros couple. Their honesty and concern for others is a real breathe of fresh air and if I ever misplace my equipment bag again, I hope it will be found by them.

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