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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wildlife Photography - Humpback Whales in Maui, Day 4

Caution - Baby at play

Humpback calf breaching repeatedly

Happiness is taking swimming lessons from Mom

Weather is just great. Mild temperatures and sunny days with light winds. I can stop my California Dreaming because I am 'home' away from home. Met up with some acquaintance I have been seeing in the last few years, In fact, I bumped into a whale researcher from California State University that I met in the American Cetacean Society convention in November.

There are so many Humpback calves frolicking in the water here I think they need floating buoys with the sign "Warning - Babies at play" because I am told there are at least six whales that got hit by speeding boats in Maui so far.

Today is a good day on the water. Right in the middle of a comp pod with two very aggressive males. The pod was joined by another one and the action lasted for about half hour. Whales were zipping in and under the zodiac and doing circles around us. Too many photos to look through right now.

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