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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wildlife Photography - Humpback Whales in Maui, Day 6

Heads, you win. How can one lose in Maui?

Close encounter of the best kind

A Tail of Two Cities

The action is getting better day by day. In the first photo, this big male Humpback did a quick spyhop to check on the situation, in the middle of a competition battle for a desirable female.

In the second photo, this Humpback was mobbing our zodiac because the female was using the boat as a buffer to, perhaps play hard to get or try to avoid her suitor. The whale came to less than 15 feet and I could barely get it into my camera frame.

The third photo is an old friend of mine. Photographed it a few times between the waters of Maui, Hawaii and Juneau, Alaska.

Visit my website to see many more whale shots from previous photo shoots.

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