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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canon Launches Big Consumer Campaign

In the biggest single marketing campaign in the company’s history, Canon yesterday launched the consumer-focused ’No One Sees It Like You,’ in Australia aimed at encouraging people to do more with their photographs. The $13 million campaign will roll out across TV, movie, print, online, and outdoor advertising as well as in-store merchandising.

Director of Consumer Imaging, Canon Australia, Mr. Jason McLean says consumer centric marketing and sales activities of the last five years in Australia has allowed Canon to develop campaigns that have contributed to tremendous growth. “With our platform in place, we will be releasing additional content and functionality later in the year and look forward to seeing people do more with their images as they overcome their current frustrations in the imaging category,” he says.

“We are confident that there will be significant growth to come from helping consumers take the next step in their imaging journey.” Canon will continue to add new content to the campaign throughout the year and perhaps expand to more campaigns across Asia. Frankly, I think the best campaign is to put out ground breaking technologies and products and get them on the market on time. The word of mouth from satisfied consumers and professionals are the best marketing tool for any company.

The world is waiting for the Canon EOS-7D Mk II camera and the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4X Super Telephoto lens. Their prompt announcement will generate more buzz than any single marketing campaign can deliver.

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