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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FX Photo Studio 5.0 - Free iPad/iPhone Download

FX Photo Studio HD for the iPad and iPhone is being offered without charge (download from Apple here) for a limited time. This is an interesting App and is quite useful for on-the-go mobile photography.

Photo Studio HD 5.0 Description :

194 High Quality Effects, Filters, Overlays and Frames 

Hands down, the best variety and one of the largest collections on App Store, including Lo-Fi, art, frames, vintage, graffiti, tilt-shift, blurs, grunge, textures, black&white, sketches, pixelate and more.

All Effects 100% Customizable

You can customize each effect and tune it the way you like. Plus you can apply as many effects on one image as you like, creating new unique photo filters.

Color Splash 

FX Photo Studio brings you the most powerful color splash tool available for iOS. You get a fully customizable brush, powerful zoom to work with details, possibility to preview masking and more. You don’t need any other app to create photos with selective colors.

Painting With Every Effect

You can apply effects to the whole image or just a part of it. With over 190 photo effects and masking tool, your creativity is truly unlimited.

Many Ways To Share Your Photos 

You can upload images from iTunes, Camera roll or even your Facebook albums. You can share creations via most popular social networks, including Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr.


You will be amazed how intuitive FX Photo Studio is. You do not need any special knowledge to make amazing photos – everything is made with just a tap or two.

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